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      Life has no off-days! The Everyday Jute Tote Bag keeps all you do in mind as your go-to, go-everywhere tote. Most days are bubbling with adventure, from chauffeuring the kids, afternoons in the garden, long days at the beach, and grocery store runs for something yummy to serve that isn't tenders and fries.

      Made from durable jute and with an inside pocket for your phone, this tote is what you need for everything! This durable and stylish bag features a waterproof lining and will keep your things dry and clean. It also features a bold, inspirational word with a corresponding Bible verse, so you're always reminded of a good God who helps you carry it all with grace.

      LargeĀ Jute Tote with Waterproof Lining -- 21.75"W x 15"H x 6.5"D