Daily Affirmation Bamboo Lunch Box Collection

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      Say farewell to those pesky plastic bags and hello to our modern and chic Say Grace Bamboo Lunch Box. This lunch box features a large single compartment, making it the perfect size for your meal prep or midday snacks. Plus, it comes in four eco-friendly designs made of sustainable bamboo wood fiber, so you can feel good about using it again and again, being a good steward of God's creation, all while serving in style.

      And at under $20, it makes the perfect gift for your office party or gift exchange—and the daily reminder to feed your soul and honor your body like a temple with healthy eating. So do yourself (and the planet) a favor, ditch the disposable lunch bag, and switch to eco-friendly living today with our Say Grace Bamboo Lunch Box! Shop this and other affordable and modern Christian lifestyle gifts at Godgirl Gifts.

      Our Daily Affirmation Bamboo Lunch Box features a large single compartment that is the perfect size for lunches and snacks. Perfect eco-friendly under $20 gift for your office party. Comes in four eco designs. Shop affordable and modern gifts at Godgirl Gifts.

      Material: Bamboo Wood Fiber/Bamboo/Silicone

      Size: 7.4" W x 2.2" H x 4.9" D