RedeemHER Rewards Loyalty Program is Here!

Have you heard the news? We've launched RedeemHER Rewards, our new Loyalty and Rewards Program. I'm smiling as I write this. You see, every time I think about you, I think, how can I serve you even better. Of course, being a small business owner has its ups and downs, but one of the perks is the ability to be nimble. You see, I can literally reach out to, and connect with you each week to hear what you have to say about your experience interacting with Blessed Home & Body.  But that's not all, it's taking that feedback from your live stream comments, messages, support, and video chats and turning it into something special.

There are two recurring themes from our 60 plus five-star reviews you can view throughout our website. One is our prayerfully curated faith-filled lifestyle collections that are fresh, stylish, and perfect for today's modern Godgirl, Jesus Girl, or Proverbs 31 Woman. And the other is delivering exemplary customer service that keeps our customer's needs front and center while upholding our own core values. Honestly, this warms my heart and motivates me to continually look for ways to exceed your expectations. And you've shown your appreciation by returning to purchase multiple times. ❤️ Loyal customers are the proof in the pudding that we're doing something right. So with that, I asked how I could reward my customers in ways that they would appreciate, that serve them and exceed their expectations? 

So let's talk RedeemHER Rewards. First and foremost, what do you think about the name? It came to me, just like that! Everything I do, I have you in mind. So you may or may not be familiar with rewards programs. Still, THIS rewards program is designed to allow you to start earning immediately. So how do we do this? Well, let's jump into it.

First, you can earn points for different actions. For example, creating your online account.

It's super quick and straightforward to do. Visit Blessed Home & Body, and look for the yellow RedeemHER Rewards pop up on the left side of your screen.  Add your email and password. Boom, you just earned 100 points!

Yellow RedeemHER Rewards Sign Up Pop Up for loyalty and rewards programs

Like us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram, even more points! With each purchase, you guessed it. Cha-ching! More points. Subscribe to our newsletter, and yes, you can even earn points on your birthday. As you accumulate points, you can turn those points into amazing RedeemHER rewards!

Okay, so what do you get with all those points? You can redeem your points for tons of awesome rewards like discounts, free shipping, and free bonus gifts. Oh, and this is one of my favorites. I know you're shopping for girlfriend gifts, thank you gifts, grad gifts, and anniversary gifts in your circle of friends. So I've created a Give and Receive Referral Reward. You can send $10.00 to a friend, and when they make a purchase you receive $10.00! So give your friend a reward, and receive one for yourself when they make a purchase. How awesome is that? It's so simple to do and your bestie will love that you thought of her too! Pssst! Point her toward the EmpowerHER Collection. You can thank me later. 😉

Choosing to join the RedeemHER Rewards provides you an opportunity to earn points and cash in for dollars off future purchases. And we like to keep things simple. Personally, if it's too many hoops to jump through, I'm out. But, whether you're earning rewards from points or referrals, spending them is easy and is applied to your whole order as you like. When you create your RedeemHER Rewards account, you'll have access to your personal dashboard to track your points which means you'll stay up to date on how close you are to redeeming rewards, and what rewards are waiting to be used. We'll even notify you when you've earned points and rewards, and to claim your Give and Receive referral cash. Holla!

Visit our product collections today. Have you seen the girlfriend gifts collection?

You'll find the perfect weekend getaway bag for that long-overdue girls weekend. Shop with confidence knowing every dollar you spend is earning RedeemHER Rewards for your next purchase for your next adventure.

Now, which way is the beach

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