10 Reasons Why Brunch is My Favorite Meal of the Week!

Oh, brunch. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! If you're anything like me, the mere mention of the word brunch has you chanting chicken and waffles or salivating for shrimp and grits. I mean what is there not to love about brunch. It's like breakfast and lunch had a baby. Hmmm. 

Sundays and brunch just go together. I know that this new normal has everyone adjusting. With restaurants closed for sit down customers, it's uncertain when we will return to sit down dining but there's no reason why you can't treat yourself to your own brunch at home. It may be worth grabbing a few take-home items from your local establishment to help complete your menu! I'm sure they would appreciate your business! 

If you're like me, and you love to cook, then hosting brunch at home is obvious! Don't get me wrong I enjoy being pampered and attending brunch with family and friends too. It that feels overwhelming, then ask friends and family to bring a dish.

So you ready for my ten reason why brunch is my favorite meal of the week? Here we go!!

1. It's the perfect foodie mashup. Don't get me wrong, no shade to breakfast. I looooove breakfast food, and I love having lunch with friends. With brunch, I don't even have to choose. So early riser or not, all are welcome!

2. Serve up the sweets like berry parfaits, cinnamon rolls, and french toast. Brunch is the one time you can give yourself permission without guilt to indulge (ahem overindulge) in sweetness. Personally I have an affinity for sweets but I steer clear of sweets for breakfast to avoid the spike and crash. Not so much with brunch because I can balance my sweet and savory. See didn't I say brunch was the perfect mashup?

3. Serve up the savory like frittatas, egg and sausage casserole, avocado toast, or savory waffles. Incoming protein! Yep, there's no reason to sacrifice taste for healthy eating. Brunch is the perfect meal to even introduce new vegan, vegetarian or lighter recipes. Trust me. Brunch is the perfect setting to taste a new dish. Most won't notice if they're indulging in a healthier recipe because if you're like me, your eyes are filled with visions of delicacies. 

4. The food display is always foodielicious! Is that a word? It is now. This is where we get fancy with it. I grew up in a large family so eating family-style was only for special occasions: Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So there's a reason that I get so excited when I see creative food displays for a bridal brunch, birthday party brunch, or an all-day girlfriend brunch party...or any brunch! 

5. Pretty plates, table runners, flatware and flowers. When it comes to setting the table, just remember to KISS! Keep It Super Simple! I love white plates on the table because the colorful and artful dishes just pop. Here's an opportunity to use your fancy plates and flatware so go for it! Simple doesn't mean boring by any means. Elevate your brunch by adding a small bouquet and table runner. A Little goes a loooong way!

6. It looks fancy and feels casual. If you've made it this far, we continue yet another way that brunch is the numero uno of mashups. So the all-important question, what to wear? If you're attending brunch on Sunday, then go ahead and rock your church girl fashionista. Having brunch another day? No strict rules apply but it's always a good idea to wear something stylish yet comfortable because chances are there are going to be brunch group selfies and lots of good conversation!

7. Perfect end (or beginning) for weekend warriors or weekend prayer warriors. Brunch is a weekend thing. Depending on when you think your week starts, it's either kicking off the week or ending it (on a high note of course). Monday through Friday breakfast and lunch are usually on the go, and at a designated time. Brunch beckons you to saunter in, and take a seat. After that it's totally up to you. Whether it's your book club meeting to discuss your latest book read, or  "Netflix and Chill" brunch to dish on the top 10 shows of 2020, brunch reminds you that you don't have anywhere to be until Monday, so let's just keep the conversation going (in between bites of course).

8. Eat till your heart is content.  Now before you start counting calories on me, this isn't mindless eating by any means. When we intentionally sit down to eat a meal, without the pull of distractions, deadlines, the kiddos schedules, we are more inclined to eat more slowly. And we all know the benefits of eating more slowly right? Better digestion, hydration and we're more satisfied. Who knew? Well, now you know!

9. A morning toast to good days ahead. Adding a sparkling cocktail or mocktail that's cool, refreshing and fruit-inspired or handcraft your own. rAise your glass to offer a sweet toast of thanks to your brunch besties, and promise to make it a tradition!

10. Brunch brings us closer together. It's a special gathering of girlfriends, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunties, and sisters to get together for no other reason than to be together. We catch up on stories, retell old stories, share laughter and just enjoy one another's presence. Food has a way of bringing us together, and yet more and more of us grab our food and go our separate ways or eat mindlessly in front of the TV or laptop. Bruch reinforces the benefits of communal eating. It's more than a meal, it's an experience. 

So there you have it, friends. My ten reasons why brunch is my favorite meal of the week. What do you think? I hope you start seeing brunch in a new light. One thing I love is having a beautiful table setting. Our minimalist ceramic trays in white or grey make it entertaining at home so easy and are perfect for elevating your brunch table. Let's do brunch!



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