Speak Life! Inspirational Wall Art

Speak Life! Inspirational Wall Art is a clean, simple, hope-filled collection of inspirational wall decor to bring life to any wall in your home. Lately, I've noticed how often we've been hearing certain words to describe our current stay at home orders. Words such as isolation, uncertainty, stuck at home, trapped indoors, and cabin fever.  It seems as if the more that I hear these words across the airwaves, the more that I find myself using them. If I tell myself that I'm stuck, then I am no doubt going to feel stuck.

That's the power of words friends. Proverbs 18:21 says, "The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences."

Despite what we're experiencing around us or very near to us, I think it's paramount to choose our words carefully. Shift our words and thoughts from despondency to hope. At times it doesn't come naturally or feel appropriate to express joy in suffering. For some, our lives have adjusted for the better in response to the pandemic. Spending an entire day teaching your kids is not that bad. You're finding about they're pretty cook little humans or appreciating an evening walk (even if it is in the backyard). We've shifted priorities to reflect what's truly important. We can talk about the many reasons why so many are experiencing very real emotions of pain, isolation, fear, and doubt, and their feelings are valid. Both joy and pain is the "right" emotion.  

May I challenge you? Can you find something today that you are grateful for? I want you to really meditate on this. What gives you a sense of hope? If you've read my About Us story, then you may be familiar with my finding a modern home decor sign in Home Goods that read, "In This House, We Serve the Lord". My jaw hit the floor! Finding scripture wall decor or bible verse wall art on canvas at Hobby Lobby is one thing, but I didn't expect to find it at Home Goods. What can I say, I love my framed inspirational quotes and scripture art prints!

If you're like me, surrounding yourself with words of affirmation, hope, and inspiration is healing. That's why I am so in love with our Speak Life! Inspirational Wall Art Collection. This simple and modern collection of meaningful word art is perfect for any wall in your home. Hanging a piece of art is one of the best ways to accessorize your living space!

It's also a reminder to us to appreciate all the good that is right in front of our eyes. 

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