Mother's Day Gifts for Moms!

Mother's Day Gifts for Mom

Mother's Day is arriving soon, and I've been working on the perfect list of gift ideas! We all know the most common gift ideas like jewelry, restaurant dates or gift cards. However, if you really want a Mother's Day gift for your mom that is unique and personal, then you're going to love this list. Our list is comprised of gift ideas perfect for any type of mom.

Before the Mother's Day gift list, I want to quote scripture from Ephesians 6:2-3 which says “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise—“so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.” So I'd love for you to think about how you are honoring your mom or special mother figure in your life this year? 

1. Self-Care Kits for the Mother's who need a day's rest

Yes, you can take your mom out to a spa but nothing says personal than a self-care kit or gift set filled with her favorite products! You can take a woven basket and fill it with her favorite; body wash or bath soaks, body moisturizer, a few face care products, her favorite perfume, her favorite nail polish color and foot care items!

2. Journal or Devotion Notebook for the God fearing Mom

Show your mom that you value your relationship the same way she values her relationship with Jesus by gifting her a devotional notebook. You can even write a letter to your mom on the first page (or last for a surprise) for a little personal touch! Go above and beyond and grab her a few cute pens she can use to write in her new devotional journal

Shop our "With God Journal", it will make the perfect journaling notebook!

3. Loungewear for the Work at home mom

An awesome Mother's Day Gift for moms who work from home are some cozy loungewear, fluffy slippers, and/or a lumbar support pillow for the office chair! That way, she's comfortable when walking around and she's content when she's sitting for the rest of the day! If your mom is more of a leggings and big sweatshirt kind of girl, she'll love our "Child of God" leggings paired with our "God's Got This" sweatshirt.

4. In-door Security Camera for the overly cautious mom

Hear me out, if your mom is always worried about the safety of her loved ones (as she should), a great mother's day gift would be to get her an indoor security camera! They even have ones for vehicles too! This way, your mom has eyes and ears everywhere whenever she wants. What mom wouldn't love that?! Also, if your mom lives alone, this will also be very helpful! Make sure you take the extra step to set it up for her and let her know how it works.

5. Candles for the mom who always connects scents with memories

Ok, candles may be one of those Mother's day gifts for moms that's overly done, but hear me out. Take a spin on your average candle and get one made for her that incorporates her favorite scents! Or, if you really want to make it special, ask your mom one of her favorite past time memories. Then, think of a scent that resembles that. Finally, name the candle after that special event and make sure to put the scent details so she understands why you chose those scents. Genius and so personal! She'll cherish it forever (as in she'll probably never throw it out once done).

6. Espresso Machine for the Mom who needs all the energy

This Mother's Day gifts is perfect for moms who have a few little ones where they are the ones taking all of her energy. Get her an espresso machine and pair it with her favorite coffee beans! She's going to cherish it every morning that she wakes up before her little ones to have the time to herself and enjoy her coffee. Plus, she'll be energized to take on the rest of her morning. If you really want to take it over the top, add in a cute coffee mug!

7. Steel Tumblers for the mom always on the go!

Sometimes, we have moms that work two jobs to provide for her family. That means she'll need her favorite drinks throughout the day to keep her energized and hydrated. The best gift for this is a steel tumbler that will either keep her drinks cold or warm drinks hot! It's a piece of you she'll always be carrying around with her. Every time she takes a sip, she'll be so thankful and grateful that she has a wonderful child like you that thinks of even the smallest of things to make her day.

8. A Suitcase for the mom who needs a quick getaway

If it's a getaway you have planned for your mom, a nice suitcase in her favorite color will be a great and thoughtful gift. You can even fill it with a few special items that she'll be surprised with once she opens it. Maybe add in an outfit she can wear on the first day of the trip or cute accessories!

9. Bamboo Lunchbox for the fit mom

Moms into fitness are serious about their lunch prep! Support her fitness journey with a cute bamboo lunchbox with daily affirmations! Every time she goes to grab her lunch, she'll be reminded of something positive. Oh, she'll be reminded of you too of course.

10. An Oversized Tote Bag for the Multi-purpose mom

The multi-purpose mom is the easiest to shop for when it comes to Mother's Day gifts. Why? Well because she can take one gift and use it for multiple purposes. Take an oversized tote bag for example. She can use it for a grocery bag, a diaper bag, a travel bag, a purse (if she's know to carry a lot), a storage bag and more!


What's your favorite Mother's Day gift for your mom?

Mother's Day Gifts for Moms

So there you have it my friend, a good list of 10 unique and personal gifts perfect for your mom! I'd love to know what gift on our list was your favorite. Leave a comment down below. Or, share with us your most favorite gift you gave to your mother on Mother's Day.

If you still need more Mother's day gifts ideas, you can head over to our shop to browse through over 100+ more gift ideas!





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