Blessed Home & Body Has Launched!

We've officially opened our e-commerce doors! Come on in and take a look around! At Blessed Home & Body we've prayerfully curated and intentionally designed the most beautiful, stylish, and functional life + style, home + decor, bath + body, and accessories + gifts for virtuous living.

We're so excited to create serve you through this curated marketplace for inspirational, stylish, and affordable pieces.

The “Why” Behind Our Brand

At Blessed Home & Body, we believe that God is the author of beauty and that we are made in His likeness and are therefore capable of embracing and expressing beauty ourselves. I wanted my home to be a reflection of who I am, and also an indication of whose I am. As I went through the process of furnishing my new home, I looked for products that expressed my faith. I would either find a few items here or there, but they just did not reflect modern sensibilities, or when I did find something that was stylish, and beautiful, more often than not it came down to a decision of, “do I  compromise virtue in favor of either what’s trending or what’s quick and accessible?” 

On those occasions when we do unexpectedly find an item that expresses our faith, it can feel so rare that we may settle for less than we had hoped for. I began wondering, why is it so difficult to find beautiful home decor, bath and body, and lifestyle products that reflect who I am and whose I am? Sure I found gifted artists and makers scattered about who created the kind of items I was looking for. But then, I asked, why isn’t there a curated marketplace for inspirational lifestyle products? If I was asking this question, I wondered if other women were too. 

As virtuous women, we want to live out our faith that expresses both words and actions. We also desire to extend that expression into how we furnish our homes, how we dress, and what we purchase. We want to live lives of virtue. But let’s face it. We attempt to find that perfect everyday gift for ourselves or a special gift to mark a life moment like a wedding, anniversary, graduation, or baptism, girlfriend getaway or retreat but then we squirm because it’s like we have to purchase something that does not fit our personal style or aesthetic in order for it to be faith-based. Such a waste of time!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a partner in all of this, someone who has already done a lot of the seeking and finding for you, so that you can focus on creating a beautifully styled virtuous life and home instead of hunting for them and coming up short?

I think so! Though it took me years to determine (many pages of journaling and many, many prayers), I wanted to do something in my life where I could combine my passion for inspiring and encouraging others with my insatiable appetite for learning, and my love for creating a space for all things beautiful. 

That’s the purpose that drives Blessed Home & Body. I and my team are committed to equipping women to live in virtuous visibility, wearing and sharing the Gospel unashamed. Our mission is to create a “prayerfully curated marketplace” where you can find intentionally designed, beautiful, and affordable Life + Style, Bath + Body, Home + Decor, and Accessories + Gifts that serve as an extension of your faith as you live for Christ. Everything in our shop is prayerfully curated with you in mind. We strive to ensure that you will never have to compromise your convictions for style or sacrifice the excellence you look for in merchandise for the sake of finding something virtuous. 

I'm so glad you found us. Let's stay connected.


Glenda Hamby                                                                                                  Founder & CEO




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