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Blessed Home & Body is now Godgirl Gifts!
Heard the news? Blessed Home & Body is now Godgirl Gifts! New month, new name, and a renewed focus to serving you!
RedeemHER Rewards Loyalty Program is Here!
Have you heard the news? We've launched RedeemHER Rewards, our new Loyalty and Rewards Program. Earn points that you redeem for rewards. As you accumulate points, you can turn those points into amazing RedeemHER rewards such as tons of awesome discounts, free shipping, bonus gifts and more. 
She Laughs Without Fear of the Future 🤣🤣🤣
I feel like I owe you a considerable explanation and apology. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I'm writing this from my desk, and I have a view of my kitchen. On my counter is a favorite inspirational sign that says, "laugh." What can I say? I'm a sucker for encouraging words on things. I'm intentional about surrounding myself with inspiring and uplifting affirmations.
Our Faith + Hope + Love Christian Apparel Collection Is Here!
Have you heard the news? Our Faith + Hope + Love Christian Apparel Collection Is Here! We're so excited to share that we're expanding our prayerfully curated lifestyle collections to now include faith-fueled modern Christian apparel. Shop Christian T-Shirts, Pullovers,...
Top Five Favorite Inspirational Lifestyle and Home Decor Products
Well, it's about that time to round up our top five favorite inspirational lifestyle and home decor products in our shop!
A Behind the Scenes Tour of Blessed Home & Body
Can you remember the first time you attended a live concert? Have you ever had the opportunity to go backstage for a VIP meet and greet with your favorite artist or band? Exciting right? You get to see the up close and...
Five Reasons to Begin a Gratitude Practice Now
Practicing gratitude in the midst of overwhelm is simpler than you think. Yep, I have five reasons to begin your gratitude practice now that I want you to adopt today. C'mon, give it try! 
Speak Life! Inspirational Wall Art
Speak Life! Inspirational Wall Art is a clean, simple, hope-filled collection of inspirational wall decor to bring life to any wall in your home. 
Perfect Gifts for Mother's Day!
So how are you honoring your mom or special mother figure in life? To make it easy and affordable to start your celebration, I'm offering you this special Mother's Day discount.
Three Ways to Level Up Your Eco-Friendly Game
Leveling up your eco-friendly game is way easier than you think. You got this!
10 Reasons Why Brunch is My Favorite Meal of the Week!
Oh, brunch. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! If you're anything like me, the mere mention of the word brunch has you chanting chicken and waffles or salivating for shrimp and grits. I mean what is...
Today, It's From the Heart
From the outside looking in, I had it together but I was like a walking time bomb. I wanted the freedom to go after the experiences, dreams, and life that God had for me. And then it hit me.
Hope Is Not A Strategy? Oh, Really.
When I made the decision to kickstart our blog this spring, I had no idea that the entire world would be engulfed in a new normal.
Blessed Home & Body Has Launched!
Blessed Home & Body has launched! Shop our prayerfully curated, intentionally designed life + style, bath + body, home + decor, and accessories + gifts for virtuous living.